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Feature Article in the

Detroit JN from 2010.

The article is a little inaccurate and a little hokey, but it is PR.



  • Pre 1975 Sports and Non Sports Card Collections
  • Post 1996 Sports CArd Collections featuring Key Cards and Quality Game Used Patch/Auto/Serial Numbered Cards.
  • Game Used/Worn Jerseys, Shoes, Bats, Balls, Uniforms, Equipment
  • Autographed Memorabilia (Preferably with PSA/DNA COA's
  • Unique and Interesting Collectibles of Value
  • Vintage Memorabilia Sports, Entertainments, Non Sports
  • Quality Pieces of Art and Historical Significance
  • Entire Estates
  • Personal Player Collections, Rings, Hardware from any Sport.
  • Personal Collections of Media Personalities, Actors, TV, Movie Memorabilia

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We have showcases full of autographed, game used, Rookie and vintage cards.  

Unopened "Wax" Boxes

Think you know the ins and outs of THE WAX GAME?  Think again! Here's OUR TAKE!


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Is the T206 Honus Wagner that rare?  We've got tougher ones!

with all the publicity the T206 Honus Wagner card gets, you would expect it's the rarest of all! Don't be fooled... It's not!  Check this out....


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Collecting for Fun & Losses? Try Collecting for Fun AND Profit!

Everyone knows the 1980's and 90's were dud years for collecting for value.  We break down the how's and whys to collecting for profit and why so many people lost so much money during the sportscard upturn/downward spiral...


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Our Mission:

americard.us is the online home of SportsCard Central. SCC was founded in 1977 with a goal to share our love and passion for collecting by providing quality collectibles at affordable prices to our customers.  Our knowledge, and experience has produced results over the last 40+ years that has made thousands of collectors satisfied with the results of our services and more excited about their passion for collecting.

We carry PSA, PSA/DNA, BVG, BGS graded cards.  We are the regional center for PSA and PSA/DNA Authentication Services. Twice per year we offer discounted PSA/DNA submissions when we bring PSA/DNA Autograph Authentication Experts to Detroit for local authentication services.  Save time and money, while only having your cherished collectible out of your hands for just a short period of time.


We are always looking for quality collections to purchase so that we might continue our mission to assist collectors in locating all the pieces of the puzzle to make their collection more complete.  If you have a collection to sell, or can refer one to us, it would be a blessing for all parties involved.  We pay TOP $$$ for collections.  Our most wanted list includes Game Used Memorabilia, Vintage Complete Sets, and significant autographs.  We also purchase complete sportscard collections from throughout the years, but will only buy the 80's and 90's if they are supported by enough cards of value to make the deal worthwhile.



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