SportsCard Central has been Michigan's oldest and Best SportsCard and Memorabilia Store.  Founded in 1977, we have a massive Vintage inventory as well as Current Star, Rookie and Insert Cards.  .You can find us now in the Dixieland Flea Market SportsCard and Collectibles Shows twice per month on Weekends.  Dixieland Flea Market is located at the corner of Dixie Highway and Telegraph in Waterford, MI. Click HERE for a schedule of shows 

Back in the 1970's and 1980's we only carried vintage Sportscards, Autographs and Memorabilia.  After years on the road, setting up at shows all around the country, we began promoting weekly sports collectibles shows in Michigan.  After 20 years as a show promoter we opened our first SportsCard Central store in Sterling Heights. Eventually we moved west and are now promoting the Dixieland Flea Market SportsCard Collectibles & Memorabilia Shows.  Located at Telegraph and Dixie Highway in Waterford, MI.  We are PSA and PSA DNA Authorized Dealers and bring PSA to Detroit several Times per year to do Autograph Authentication for collectors and enthusiasts in Michigan.  Click HERE for our PSA DNA Authentication dates coming up.

In 2014, we were fortunate to have the opportunity to sell Tommy Hearns Personal Collection of Championship Title Boxing Belts

WBA Hearns Light Heavy Belt

WBA Hearns Welterweight Belt

WBO Hearns Super Middle Weight Belt

WBC Heanrs Lifetime Achievement Belt

WBC Hearns World Champion Belt

WBU Hearns Cruiserweight Belt

IBO Hearns Cruiserweight Belt

In 2015 we had the amazing opportunity to sell two basketballs from the Estate of Coach Chuck Daly from the Original 1992 Gold Medal Winning Olympic Dream Team.  Each ball was signed by the entire team.  One achieved double the highest price ever paid for a signed basketball, setting a new world record, $230,041. 1992 Dream Team Basketball Sold for $230,041

When considering selling or consigning your premier pieces of memorabilia, or your card collection, do not hesitate to call for an appointment with Rick Behar, one of the nation's foremost authorities.  248-626-4300.

Stop in and see why SportsCard Central remains an important player in the sports collectibles market when so many others have fallen by the wayside. Honesty, Integrity, Results are the hallmarks of our business motto.

We are also the owners of WWW.ESTATE48.COM, One of the Top Estate Sale companies in the region.  We specialize in Estate Sales and Buyouts of Estates.  Call today with any questions.

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