SportsCard Central / Americard


Is the fastest growing interactive sports themed party game.  Popular at larger parties and amongst ages 8 and up, it incorporates sports cards in a fun interactive game that brings excitement and fun to any party.  Michigan's #1 Bar/Bat  Mitzvah party sports themed interactive activity.  Call today to schedule a trial or to book your next event.

Call 248-626-4300 to schedule a demo or to book a party date.


SportsCard Central offers a wide variety of services related to the collectibles industry.

  • Experts in Sports and Entertainment memorabilia evaluation and appraisal
  • Expert witness for legal proceedings
  • Valuation reporting and support for legal / insurance claims
  • PSA and PSA/DNA Authorized representatives for the region.
  • Annual PSA/DNA Autograph Authentication local drop off and pick up services
  • Buyers of major collections and significant pieces of memorabilia.
  • Consulting services regarding evaluation and liquidation of significant collections through multiple channels.
  • Experienced show and event promoters (over 400 Trade Shows promoted inc. 3 time sponsor of National Sports Collectors Convention)
  • Knowledge and Experience to liquidate entire estates including ALL contents.
  • Owners of SportsCard Central since 1977
  • Owners of WWW.ESTATE48.COM Estate Sales and Online Estate Auctions.